David Chávez Salazar (Editor – in – Chief)

He holds a B.S. in economics and complementary studies in capital markets, macroeconometric forecasting, strategic leadership, and culture governance. He has worked as a teaching assistant, internal researcher (Austrian Economics Center) and has founded several companies, such as Libertas Phyle (parent company of this journal, of which he is its CEO), Infométrica Group (in the archives and libraries management sector) and Ninsu 3D (3D printing). He has written for different academic media such as LRC, Mises Institute, PanAm Post, among others. The areas that stand out in his research work are monetary theory, economic history, and political science.

Walter E. Block (Honorary Editor)

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He is one of the leading figures of contemporary Austrolibertarian thought. He earned his Ph.D. degree in economics from Columbia University and was a disciple of the acclaimed economist Murray Rothbard. During his long academic career he has published more than a dozen books and more than 500 articles in peer reviewed journals. He currently holds the Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and serves as Professor of Economics at Loyola University in New Orleans.

Jesús Huerta de Soto Ballester (Honorary Editor)

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Probably he is the most prominent current representative of the Austrian School in the Hispanic world. He has obtained two doctoral degrees: in Law, (1984), and in Economic and Business Sciences (1992), both by the Complutense University of Madrid. He has also hold a MBA degree by Stanford University. He has served as a Professor of Political Economy at the Faculty of Law of the Complutense University of Madrid, and Professor at the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences of the Rey Juan Carlos University. Likewise, he is Adjunct Scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, belongs to the management team of the Mont Pelerin Society, and is co-founder of the Sociedad para el Estudio de la Acción Humana.

Vernon Lomax Smith (Honorary Editor)

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He is a professor of law and economics at the Economic Science Institute at Chapman University, after teaching for seven years at George Mason University. He is an associate member of the Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science and a Fellow of the Mercatus Center.

He received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (better known as Nobel Prize in Economics) in 2002 for introducing experimental laboratory research to economic analysis. He claims to be libertarian and recognizes the influence of the works of Mises and Hayek in his extensive academic career.

John Alejandro Bermeo (Media Editor)

He holds a B.S in Laws. He has worked as a legislative advisor and served as assistant editor of Instituto Mises (Mises Hispano). He is the founder and director of the prestigious libertarian media www.misesreport.com and has written for PanAm Post, KubernÉtica, Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), Capitalismo para los Pobres, Mises Institute and Mises Colombia Institute. As a researcher, he has worked on topics such as the philosophy of liberty and, more recently, lotocracy.

Marlene Salazar Ramos (Technical Editor)

She is a librarian and archivist, specialist in information systems and document management, MSc in Document Management and Candidate for Doctor in Education in the Knowledge Society at the University of Salamanca. She has worked as a university professor, head of library and manager of archival projects. Currently, she is a leading researcher in Future Studies (SENA-CGA) and her academic interests include the relationship between information sciences and economics.

Gilberto Ramírez Espinosa (Associate Editor)

He holds a B.S in Histoty (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) and is a Master´s candidate in Geography (Universidad de Los Andes). His research areas include historical geography and economic history. He was Regional Director of “Students for Liberty” Colombia, led the Reading Circle of Austrian School at Universidad de Los Andes and organized the First Colombian Congress of Austrian Economics. He has also participated in events related to the Austrolibertarian tradition (Mises University 2018 and VII International Seminar of Austrian School of Economics). He is currently the Editorial Director of Unión Editorial Colombia and research professor at Centro de Innovación y Liderazgo- Universidad La Gran Colombia.

James Durdan – (Associate Editor)

He is a recent graduate of Carthage College. He has been studying Economics and International Political Economy. Likewise, he is a certified English teacher. He has taught this language to students who have sought to become U.S. citizens and has taught courses in Central America and Europe. Through economics and human liberty, he wishes to help improve global living standards for all to enjoy.