General information

Name: Estudios Libertarios.

Format: Digital.

Periodicity: As of 2020, two issues will be published each year in the months of April (spring issue) and October (fall issue).

e- ISSN: 2665-3346.

License: As of October 2019 an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) will be adopted.

Language (s): Spanish and English.

Archiving policy: The journal has entered the Digital Repository of the National Library of Colombia, in order to preserve its contents for consultation of future generations. Its code is DD-001076.

Sections: From the Fall issue (2019) the journal will consist of the following sections:

  • Research articles. They are the result of an original investigation. They stand out for their scientific rigor.
  • Essays. They are not very extensive reflections on a certain area of ​​study. This section also includes the so-called «states of the art» of some topic.
  • Book reviews. They can be of two types: short (maximum five pages) or extended (from six). In general, they are prepared by members of the Editorial Board.
  • Translations. Here are published lectures, book chapters or articles on the web (which are in a libertarian academic site) that have not yet been translated into Spanish. All translations are made with the authorization of whoever has the rights to the original manuscript.
  • News. Current information from the Austrolibertarian world, such as the holding of academic events, award ceremonies, recognitions to libertarian thinkers, among others.